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Welcome to PANTSnet

Hello and welcome to the home of PANTSnet, a podcasting network, home to some of the best podcast out of Canada! We have something for everyone! Our flagship show PANTS is a weekly show where we discuss current events, laugh at whatever we have found funny, and whatever other topics interest us at the time. It's guarunteed to bring you some laughs.

Monkey's Cool To Drive is a bi-weekly movie review show. The hosts sit down and watch a movie, and then immediatly discuss it, and then throw some TV discussion and a few other segments in at the end.

Interested in audio/music produciton? Musical Mayhem is exactly what you are looking for. Andrew has been doing audio production for a long time, and can teach anyone a thing or two.

We also have more, so check out the podcasts page and see for yourself!

We are also looking to expand! Want to have a podcast of your own? Send me an email barry@pantsnet.ca, or drop me a tweet @Urichki, and we'll see if we can't work something out!