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In the flagship podcast of PANTSnet, our valiant hosts lead us through comedic tales of everyday life, stories from around the world, what's currently grabbing for our attention, and various other topics. We are vulgar and love to harass each other and the world itself, We even field emails from our faithful listeners, and you can join in the fun by dropping us a line at pants@pantsnet.ca today! We promise ninjas, laughs, and the occassional crossing of lines!

Hosts: Barry Harris, Kateri Hibbert, Shawn Bland

Episode Details

Episode Number: 99
Episode Title: Aliens Think We Are Dumb
Released: Sat, 12 Sep 2015 20:45:49
Length: 00:53:24

In this episode we discuss Pandemic, how fracking caused an earthquake, Stephen Hawking comes up with a theory someone else had before him, Alex Williamson, Donald Trump, the Canadian election and how monkeys are in the stone age.


Download: PANTS-099.mp3


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