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The People of PANTSnet

Barry Harris

The overall creator of PANTSnet, technical support engineer, and professional ninja all wrapped up into one. By day you can find him hiding is his home office, trying to avoid the plague that is work. If you have a problem with your companies phone system, he can probably fix it. He also hosts a number of podcasts here on PANTSnet, and will be starring in some upcoming web series and videos that are currently in development.

Host of: PANTS, Monkey's Cool To Drive, Space Couch Interviews

Contact: Email me at barry@pantsnet.ca

Andrew Fraser

The 4th most talented Canadian is a musician, gearhead, graphic/web designer and techical support engineer. If he's not out golfing or jamming he can generally be found at his living room studio which doubles as his home office. He is the host of his own podcast, co-host for some others and will also be starring in some upcoming web series and videos along side of Barry.

Host of: Musical Mayhem

Contact: Email me at andrew@pantsnet.ca

Kateri Hibbert

Twenty-four years ago, Kateri descended upon Earth from the morning light, in full battle gear, on a giant winged grey wolf. Holding her flaming sword high, she smote all evil from the land. Nowadays, her holy powers of smiting are used to keep the evil might of the gingerdom that possesses Shawn contained. On her spare time, Kateri does girly things like blog about makeup and find people to grace with her presence. I guess she does something like Sales and Marketing for PANTSnet, so she does crazy things like find sponsors that makes us money.

Host of: PANTS

Contact: Email me at kateri@pantsnet.ca

Shawn Bland

His story begins 27 years ago when he arrived on this Earth. As he is a ginger, he began stealing souls very quickly. However, 1 year ago, he met Kateri and decided to settle down and live a normal life. He can now be found at work where he supplies contractors with the materials to build houses. In his off time, he can be found at the gym or at home gaming relaxing to some good TV, or tearing apart people who cross him or his woman with his mighty ginger strength and power. He is the Director of Audio Content for PANTSnet.

Host of: PANTS

Contact: Email me at shawn@pantsnet.ca

Marc Hayward

A chill dude who likes getting messed up on hooch and watching movies or playing video games. Also likes boobs.

Host of: Monkey's Cool To Drive

Contact: Email me at marc@pantsnet.ca