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Podcasts are our bread and butter over here at PANTSnet. It's what got us started, and it's what we do best. We take pride in bringing the world some top quality entertainment, and we try to have something that everyone will enjoy. Here is a listing of our current shows, and we fully recommend you take a listen to each of them!


In the flagship podcast of PANTSnet, our valiant hosts lead us through comedic tales of everyday life, stories from around the world, what's currently grabbing for our attention, and various other topics. We are vulgar and love to harass each other and the world itself, We even field emails from our faithful listeners, and you can join in the fun by dropping us a line at pants@pantsnet.ca today! We promise ninjas, laughs, and the occassional crossing of lines!

Hosts: Barry Harris, Kateri Hibbert, Shawn Bland

A monthly released saga, where our heroic leader, Barry, leads himself and a group of friends, through a wild, hazy adventure. The tales will be fueled by tankards of ale, and they will be sure to be entertaining enough to make your ears bleed! This will be one world worth exploring!

Hosts: Barry Harris
Musical Mayhem

Audio recording. It's an interesting world to delve into should you have the desire but like anything technical, it can be intimidating if you don't know where to start. This series will mostly be me rambling on about tips and tricks that I've learned over the years that will help you with getting started so you can produce your own material. The focus will be heavily geared towards music because that's how I got into this shitstorm in the first place however most of what I discuss can be used for any type of audio recording adventure.

Hosts: Andrew Fraser
Monkey's Cool To Drive

A podcast that will look into the world of TV and Movies from two guys who spend far too much of their time watching both of these things. We will be watching a movie of the week, and reviewing it, as well as any recent TV shows, as well as some other fun segments along the way. You can contact the show via email at monkey@pantsnet.ca, or find us on Twitter at @DrivingMonkey

Hosts: Marc Hayward, Barry Harris
H to the C

This is H to the C. It is candy for your ears.

Hosts: Jon, Ryan
Random Chats - Recorded On My Phone

The only constant thing about this show is that Andrew will do the recording and production work. Past that it will be random topics, random speakers and a random release date. Enjoy.

Hosts: Andrew Fraser
Space Couch Interviews

Orbiting the moon at a distance of 25 kilometers, lies the newly purchased PANTSnet One Orbital Station. Every once in awhile the fearless leader of PANTSnet lets a studio audience onboard while he interviews some people of varying fame levels. There will be subtle mockery of people and the world in general, laughs, cries, and maybe even some learnings. And sometimes cake.

Hosts: Barry Harris
Chris and Andy's Canadian Side Project

Chris & Andy are famous podcasters from the United States of America and they're gracing your fine land with a comprehensive look at American media and popular culture. You're welcome!

Hosts: Andy Gaston, Chris Alt
TV For Vendetta

Brian Van Alstyne and Michael Demko take you on a fantastic journey into the world of television. It's got news, reviews, previews, spoilers, and everything else you could ever want about a TV podcast. We'll discuss everything from 24 to Zoey 101.

Hosts: Michael Demko, Brian VanAlstyne