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Orbiting the moon at a distance of 25 kilometers, lies the newly purchased PANTSnet One Orbital Station. Every once in awhile the fearless leader of PANTSnet lets a studio audience onboard while he interviews some people of varying fame levels. There will be subtle mockery of people and the world in general, laughs, cries, and maybe even some learnings. And sometimes cake.

Hosts: Barry Harris

Episode Details

Episode Number: 2
Episode Title: Sean Von Gorman
Released: Sat, 8 Dec 2012 23:59:00
Length: 01:01:33

Sean Von Gorman joins Barry on the Orbital Station for a very thrilling interview (@VonGormanArt - Twitter | http://www.youtube.com/HoudiniAdventures - Web | http://www.youtube.com/HoudiniAdventures - Youtube)


Download: SCI-002.mp3


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