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TV For Vendetta

Brian Van Alstyne and Michael Demko take you on a fantastic journey into the world of television. It's got news, reviews, previews, spoilers, and everything else you could ever want about a TV podcast. We'll discuss everything from 24 to Zoey 101.

Hosts: Michael Demko, Brian VanAlstyne

Episode Details

Episode Number: 216
Episode Title: Episode 175: Star Trek: Discovery vs. Star Trek: The Orville
Released: Fri, 1 Dec 2017 19:02:18
Length: 00:00:00

Brian and Demko review some of their favorite shows, along with their usual e-mail from Stu. They play another round of the Casting/Plot game from Dustin, and they discuss the pros and cons of Star Trek Discovery and The Orville.


Download: TV4VEp175FINAL.mp3


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